You’ve finally installed your granite countertop! It’s taken a long time to carefully select the perfect slab. Paying close attention to each slab’s one-of-a-kind color and mineral pattern, this timeless natural stone surface has brought life to your family’s kitchen and a calmness to your master bath.

So that’s it right? Well, not technically.Granite Countertop Care

While granite is an incredibly solid and durable rock formed and hardened after one of Earth’s most powerful natural disasters, a volcano, like any fine gem it will need some tending to overtime. This month, Stone Connection wants to share some of their tips on how to care for your new granite countertop.

Daily Cleaning. One of the best things about granite is that it’s naturally non-porous and sealed very well during the fabrication process, so there is really no need for anything more than a towel, a dime-sized amount of dish soap and water to keep the surface clean. There is normally no need for any specialty cleaners and strong chemical-based chemicals are not recommended. Try to be proactive about spills to avoid any permanent stains and clean your countertop once a day.

Weekly Care or Big Messes. Though they are resilient, your granite countertop is susceptible to stains should oil or wine be left unnoticed. Your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled while cooking, baking or entertaining and always clean a spill up right away. Do NOT us ammonia-based products, or those containing vinegar or bleach, as these will alter the beauty and integrity of the stone.

Sealing. We suggest sealing your granite countertops at least once every 6 months to ensure hairline cracks and pours remain clear of any stains and bacteria. Natural stone countertops, while tough, are vulnerable if items are dropped on them or cutlery scratches their surface. These imperfections will absorb poultry juices, oil, wine, or berries from a carton of leaking blueberries making them a breeding ground for germs and stains.

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