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If you’re looking to add a bit of luxury and value to your home, now is the time to visit Stone Connection Granite & Cabinetry.
Granite is an incredibly durable and totally unique piece of stone created by the natural process of hot magma pushing towards the Earth’s surface and cooling down as lava. This one-of-a-kind stone comes in a variety of different colors, hues and textures and can create striking results in your kitchen or bath. It can also withstand the normal wear and tear of daily living unlike other manmade material like laminate or other soft materials and is easy to maintain.
At Stone Connection Granite & Cabinetry we carry a stunning collection of granite slabs. Whether you’re looking to completely resurface your cabinets or you’re simply in the market to add a touch of granite to a wet-bar or island, our granite experts will help you choose the best option for your home and budget.
Why Granite?
• Durable and heat resistant
• Adds exquisite elegance to your home
• Unique to your home – no two slabs are alike
• Boosts your home’s value
• Easy to maintain
Stone Connection is conveniently located on the Ohio River at Neville Island, just west of Pittsburgh and minutes from I-79. Visit us today!

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